Stop pitching and implementing your product’s feature-functions. Instead, design outcomes that create recurring measurable value for your customers and which your teams can prescribe and deliver.

Our team will work with you to:

  • Design prescriptive measurable outcomes that will drive value realization for your target customers. We call these Value-based Outcomes
  • Design a subscription pricing model that integrates with your Value-based Outcomes so as to enable shared value realization with your customers
  • Design prescriptive formulas consisting of the activities, roles and data required to achieve and sustain your Value-based Outcomes. We call these Value Formulas
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Eliminate the risks that exist in the intersections between your customer acquisition, adoption, retention and expansion strategies. Build processes, role definitions, compensation models and playbooks that create alignment, synergy and collaboration between your sales and customer success organizations.

Our team will work with you to:

  • Unite the customer acquisition, adoption, retention and expansion phases of your customer lifecycle using Value Formulas as a common DNA
  • Design and optimize your Customer Success strategy using Value Formulas as its foundation
  • Connect and align your Sales strategy with your Customer Success strategy
  • Establish deep and successful partnerships with your customers by using Value Formulas to create a common language, measurement system and value-centric journey map
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