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Valuize Consulting is an experienced team of certified experts in integrating and optimizing strategies and technologies across the B2B SaaS customer lifecycle. We can help your B2B SaaS company in the following ways:

What Our Clients Say

Valuize Consulting is our go-to strategy partner all elements of our growth and customer success strategies. Over the past year, Valuize has led a transformation of how we manage our customer lifecycle. This has resulted in improved ACV, faster time-to-value for our customers, reduced revenue churn and greater expansion opportunities.

Jason Jantz, COO, Xencall

I brought Valuize Consulting in to consult for MethodExists at a critical strategic point where we were facing several difficult truths. Through regular conversations and an intensive multi-day session with our management, the Valuize team enabled and challenged us to rethink our growth strategy. This ultimately refined and enabled scaling of our go-to-market and customer success strategies by increasing the alignment between our value proposition, market fit and service delivery capabilities.

Devon Boulton-Mills, COO, MethodExists

Ross structured and launched our 40+ person-strong Customer Success Organization incorporating Professional Services, Support and Customer Success. This was a C-Level backed strategic initiative that was integral to our evolution as a SaaS company and the success of our conversion to a subscription revenue model. By increasing alignment with our Sales org, development of customer adoption methodologies, and execution of a churn risk management program, Ross delivered a double-digit reduction in customer churn in our most strategic customer cohort. Ross also launched our first Customer Success driven revenue expansion plan and chargeable Customer Success offerings. This enabled Customer Success to be an ARR generating strategy for ACL.

Sean Zuberbier, CRO, ACL

More than perhaps any customer-facing executive I have met or managed, Emily demonstrated enormous executive presence and poise that delivered substantial confidence to our clients and her own team. She is able to read the room and situation and deliver her communications in a way that is clear to understand and maintains and improves the relationship. Additionally, she is experienced and disciplined enough to avoid mistakes like over-promising or setting expectations that are unrealistic.

Nick Gidwani, CRO, Pathgather

I worked closely with Emily and team in a fast-paced startup environment. They are a team to be reckoned with in the world of Customer Success. From implementation of the right tools and the right analysis of the resulting data, to implementing the right solutions, they help to please customers and combat churn. There is no better team to help systematically scale your customer success organization.

Zach Sherry, VP Engineering, Blue Cedar

We had a big challenge: customer churn. It was more than two times the industry average for churn for early stage SaaS companies. We tasked Emily and team with the big hairy problem of reducing churn by 50% over a six month period, and then let them do what they do best: get their hands dirty and find solutions. They worked with, and gained the respect of, multiple departments by poking holes, uncovering hidden data, creating processes and implementing technology to move us forward. These new systems were simple enough for the entire company to understand, while also customized enough to address our unique business problems. In the midst of all this we had to cut costs dramatically across the organization. Their risk management system helped us meet our short term churn goals and set us on a path for continued improvement. Additionally, we had an unexpected benefit from their hard work: we were able to surface client concerns before they happened.

Tim Krozek, CEO, Boost Media

In the time that he worked with us at Speed Shift Media, Jean was able to show a clear understanding of our business and the ways that we could make changes to improve our customers path through our business. As a result of his work on the first project, we engaged him for a second larger project. His knowledge of customer success and all of the tools that support effective CSM were clear from day one. I look forward to the next occasion that we can work together.

Ian Cruickshank, CRO, Speed Shift Media

We engaged with Jean to help us implement our new marketing technology platform. He helped us integrate our Salesforce, Pardot, Intercom, and Zendesk applications. He understood our business needs well and was able to implement solutions effectively. The resulting solution was critical to our demand generation program and accelerated our sales pipeline growth. Jean is a great to work with and I would definitely work with him again in the future.

Matt Dion, CEO, Mintent

Jean is an amazing Client Success consultant, coach and facilitator. His mentoring and coaching skills are second to none. The work helped me gain clarity of strategic objectives, information and data needs, KPIs, Analytics, and Big Data needs as well as dashboards and performance reporting. I would highly recommend Jean for all Client Success strategy, organization design and performance consultancy and training work.

Mitchell Chow, Head of Success, Tickit Health